Baby Duck Portraits 2018

When children walk into my studio on any given day and ask “are the baby ducks still here?” I smile knowing that we have created a one of a kind memory for this child. 

Baby Duck Sessions don’t just create adorable portraits for parents, they create memorable experiences for the kids. This will be our 10th year photographing with the baby ducks and I simply can not wait to get on the ground and laugh with the children as they quack along with our little yellow friends.

To tie in our Baby Duck Portraits with our Cloud 9 at the Movies theme for 2018 we have designed two sets:

Purple Rain – February 24th and 25th 

Our first set is our simple set that we have decided to call Purple Rain! While we may be playing Prince music in the lobby that weekend, don’t worry we won’t have motorcycles for the kids and ducks (although that would be interested) … the background is Purple inspired lavender fields and we will have rain added in! This background was hand painted on canvas especially for baby duck sessions!


“Barnyard” Ducks – March 3rd and 4th

Do you know how hard it was to find a farm inspired movie with ducks as the main characters instead of pigs, spiders or cows? Geez!!! What does a girl need to do around here to catch a break? I knew I wanted to do a red barn theme this year, so we stretched a bit and went with Barnyard! <insert Jeanine’s silly laugh here>

We will have a tractor and hay and of course the ducks! Your kids will look perfect in overalls and other cute country outfits! Oooh please bring your girls in braided pig tails!! How stinking cute will that be?!?!?! 

Here is the Barnyard Background …


Session Details:

  • 30 minute session with the baby ducks 
  • Session fee is $55
  • Custom viewing and ordering appointment on a separate day with package options starting at $150
  • More fun than you can shake a duck tail at!

Our Baby Duck Portraits sell out every year … if you are interested, don’t delay and call the studio at 813-994-4552 today!

Baby Duck Portraits

We have had fun photographing with the Baby Ducks since 2009! Here is a gallery of just a few favorites from the past few years …. 

And a little movie!