5 Reasons You Need Professional Portraits

We have all been there. You are searching on line for a service, a product, a company and you come to either their profile or about page and what you see in front of you is how you judge the quality of that vendor. The company could offer the most incredible cooking course for you and your husband to take, but the photo of the chef on the introduction page looks like it was taken with a cell phone from 2005. Gee, I wonder how good their food quality is if their photography is that bad? Are the tools they are using to teach the course from a decade ago as well? Will the kitchen be clean?

All of these questions will instinctively pop in to your head since one aspect of their business is not professional.

Tampa Wesley Chapel Professional Portrait

First Impressions Mean Everything!

Your professional image represents who you are and it means more than you may think.

Here are 5 Reasons You NEED Professional Portraits:

#1. First impressions last forever. Having a professional quality portrait will add credibility to what you do and how you do it. Ask yourself this question … “If the only way someone will be getting to know me is through the image I have on my profile or website, does it properly represent who I am?”

#2. Taking yourself seriously. By making a small investment in a professional photograph it shows that you take yourself and your business seriously. If you are asking consumers to spend money with you, what does it say if you are not willing to spend money on your image?

#3. Hello! This is me now! Yes, I know we all looked better 10 years ago; younger, less grey, skinnier, etc. I’ve heard every excuse. However, you want people to recognize you and associate you with your brand. If your portrait online is outdated (10 years old, different hair color, different hair style) your image is automatically dated and people will begin to wonder if you lag behind in updating all aspects of your business. Plus you want them to recognize you when they meet you and not ask if you are the person’s mother or father. 

#4. Stay top of mind. By routinely updating your social media profile image you are staying top of mind with your current and potential clients. Have you ever looked at the number of likes a professional image gets on Facebook or Instagram? On average I find my clients get 100-200 likes within an hour when they post an updated headshot. That is 100-200 people who are now seeing you and thinking about you again!

#5 Looking for a job? Professional portraits aren’t just for business owners. If you are looking for a job your future employer will be looking for someone to represent their company. If you have a professional portrait as your profile image they will know you take yourself seriously and therefor will take a potential job seriously.

Tampa Wesley Chapel Professional Portrait

Professional Portraits at Cloud 9 Studios

Our goal is to make updating your professional EASY PEASY at our studio. We want this to be the easiest (and most fun) part of your branding process!

Our Studio Professional Portrait Package is $195 and includes:

  • 30 minute session at the studio with your choice of background
  • 1-2 outifts
  • Web gallery of images for you to make your selection
  • 2 retouched and enhanced high resolution digital images of your choice 
  • Additional finished images available at $75 each or 3 for $150

That is it! All you have to decide is if you are ready to improve the look of your brand and image by updating your professional portrait! If you are ready, give us a call at 813-994-4552 and we can help you get started.

The Xtras

  • We offer volume pricing for offices with 5 or more professionals (perfect for medical or law offices).
  • We can meet you on location for your portraits! Sometimes a relaxed outdoor look or being in your office is more representative of your brand than a studio image. Location package prices starting at $395.

Tampa Wesley Chapel Professional Portrait

We look forward to help you!


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Jeanine McLeod Professional PortraitJeanine McLeod is the owner of Cloud 9 Studios, a Florida based photography studio located just north of Tampa in Wesley Chapel. They specialize in family, children and baby photography and love helping families celebrate their love of family with fun, fresh and beautiful portraits.