6 Tricks for your Trick or Treat Photos

It’s officially fall!  Cooler weather and changing of the leaves…everywhere but here in Florida of course!  With Halloween arriving before we know it, I thought I would share some of my favorite tips for photographing your kids in their costumes …


Tip #1 – Go out before dark!

This is the most important tip I can give.  Even if you aren’t out trick or treating yet, it’s great to get the kids out in natural light to capture some fun images of them in their costume that isn’t all blinding flash and shadows photography.  Whether it’s a blank background in front of the garage or with some fun Halloween décor – snap a few BEFORE it gets too dark.  You can even do this a few days ahead of time if you want (easier for those costumes WITHOUT a ton of makeup!).

Kids Halloween Photos

Tip #2 – Get at least one full body shot and one close-up!

You spent a lot of time researching and getting all the accessories for that costume – make sure you capture the whole thing with a full body shot!  Whether the costume is homemade or purchased, it’s great to look back and see the details of the costume and of your little one.  The close-up is great to freeze this moment in time to see their age and their unique different faces they make right now.  Even if they are wearing a mask, I still recommend you do the close-up photo.

Halloween trick or treat picture

Baby Halloween Photos

Tip #3 – Don’t forget the neighborhood kids!

You probably Trick or Treat with neighbors, other friends, and/or family…make sure you capture that too!  It’s fun to look back to see how much everyone has grown and their past costumes.

Halloween Trick or Treat Photos

Tip #4 – Candid Shots!

It’s great to capture those candid “non-posed” moments.  Shoot them walking down the street, going up to a door to get candy, handing out candy at home to other kids, digging through their stash…some of the best photos come from these candid, random moments!


Tip #5 – Play with filters!

If ever a time to play with some fun Instagram filters, it’s Halloween!  Turn up the contrast or do a spooky black & white or sepia tone.  With all the wild costumes, the sky is the limit with fun edits!

Halloween trick or treat photo

Tip #6 – Get in the picture! 

Even if you aren’t dressing in costume, still get in a couple of photos with your kiddos.  When they are adults and look back on memories of their childhood, they want to see you WITH them, not just themselves in a costume next to a pumpkin.  Get some individual shots, some sibling shots, some just mommy & the kids, dad & the kids, and one whole family shot…you will be happy you did (even if you are a sweaty mess from running around trying to get everyone else ready!)  Be present…live in the moment…and be a part of your moment. 


Moms on halloween


Don’t forget … you can always come in to your favorite family photographer (that would be me) to capture your little monsters!  We are doing fall quick take sessions all day on Halloween. If you want us to take the stress out of capturing the memory of this year’s Pinterest-worthy costume … give us a shout and head to the studio before all the Trick or Treat madness begins! Call the studio for more information at (813) 994-4552 and to schedule your session!

Kids Halloween Costume Photos






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