A new family celebrates with a portrait session …

Spring 2016 – Family of 2

Last spring I received a phone call from Bridget. Her and her husband were in the process of trying to adopt a baby and they needed portraits of them together as a couple. I had a wonderful time meeting these hopeful parents and talking about their dreams of becoming a family of 3. For a few months after I delivered their portraits I continued to think about their journey and how long it may take. Being part of a family where my sister was adopted I know how long and hard the process can be.

Fast forward a year and a half.

ring ring goes my phone

“Hi Jeanine, this is Bridget! You are never going to believe this but we just received word that we have our baby boy! We are taking him home on Friday!!!”

I couldn’t believe it! I could hear the joy in her voice and knew that their world was about to get crazy. Can you imagine not having 9 months to prepare for the arrival of your baby? I mean obviously they knew at some point they would be matched with a baby, but they essentially had 48 hours to get everything together that you need to bring a newborn baby home.

Having dreamed and prayed so hard for a baby to complete their family, having newborn portraits was definitely on their list of top priorities!

Today – Summer 2017 – Family of 3

A week after they brought home their son they ventured out to my studio for their newborn portrait session.

All parents are happy and in love when they walk through my studio doors with their brand new baby, but I have never seen this level of excitement. It was like seeing the day you find out you are pregnant mixed with the day you find out the gender of your baby mixed with the day you bring your baby home from the hospital all into one big emotion!

newborn baby boy portrait

I said a little prayer before beginning the session because I really wanted to be able to create beautiful pieces of art for this new family of 3. Please God … please let this baby sleep and cooperate for his new parents!

newborn baby boy portrait

newborn baby boy portrait

newborn baby boy portrait

newborn baby boy portrait

newborn baby boy portrait

Mission accomplished. I couldn’t have been any happier with the newborn images we created for this new family of three!

When I asked Bridget her thoughts on why the newborn session was so important she said “We had planned and waited for the day we would finally meet our child.  When he arrived, we were overwhelmed with joy.  We wanted to capture this moment in time:  a celebration of life, of dreams fulfilled, of prayers answered, of unspeakable joy.


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