Baby Stella | 4 month Pushing Up Session

When Should I Schedule my Baby’s Session?

One of the most common questions I hear from a mom is “when should I schedule my baby’s portrait session?” When it comes to a milestone session my answer always is “whenever they are doing that milestone really really well! The actual age isn’t critical. We don’t have to do a 3 month session on the day a baby turns 3 months. That is what the month-sticker photographs you take with your iPhones are for (if you haven’t seen or downloaded our free set of stickers yet, sign up to get those at the bottom of this blog post). 

In order to help communicate the importance of the stages … I stopped calling our milestones 3 month, 6 month, 9 month 1 year. Instead we now say: pushing up, sitting up, standing up and smashing their cake. 

I wanted to showcase Baby Stella in this blog post. She came in for her pushing up milestone at 4 months old and just look at how adorable she is! By waiting a few extra weeks past the traditional 3 month age, she was able to fully push up from her belly on the floor, grab her feet and giggle and laugh at us from about 8 feet away. This session was a dream! She was happy from start to finish and was quite the little poser. 

Quick checklist to know if your baby is ready for their “Pushing Up” Portraits:

  • When placed on their belly they can hold their head up for at least a minute without struggling, turning red or crying!
  • When laying on their back they kick their feet up in the air. If they are grabbing their feet that is a bonus!
  • They can track motion with their eyes.

That’s it! So when you finish reading this blog post, turn off your tablet, and get on the ground with your baby and start practicing some tummy time! They will be ready for their portrait session before you know it!


Watch a video of Stella’s entire session below:


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