Back to School is Here: Have You Booked Your Senior Session Yet???

Can you believe it is already time for the kids to go back to school? The studio has been buzzing these past few weeks photographing Senior Portraits before everyone gets bogged down with school, sports, SAT prep and other activities!

I always joke around when photographing the seniors that they should be happy they weren’t graduating back when I was a kid, posing with my big ‘94! I always get a good laugh out of them, but I am not sure they truly understand what that means, even when I act out my pose and pretend to sit on a giant number. Soooo I thought it would be fun to do a little throwback post today of our team’s senior portraits to help remind the class of 2019 to get theirs scheduled (and to be grateful that Senior portraits today are way cooler then in 1994) !!! Enjoy … and please don’t laugh too hard when you get to the end of this post. 🙂 

First up … we have Ms. Stephanie! This image was taken on the day she graduated high school!

Stef graduation picture

Next in line, Class of 2013, the lovely Hannah!!! Oh yes, she rocked the black drape as well.


Hannah Senior Portrait


Class of 1998, Carly!!!


Carly Senior Portrait


Class of 1994, Robb!!! I LOVE this one. Oh Robb … lol

Robb’s Senior Portrait

And last but not least…fresh out of 1994 as well … it’s ME and my giant 94!!!


Jeanine Senior Portrait

Now that you have enjoyed a good laugh … Don’t forget to visit our Cloud 9 Seniors website for information on our Senior Portrait sessions! We promise we won’t pose you on a giant “19”!!! *wink wink*



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