The Childhood Masterpiece Collection

As parents, in one day we photograph more images of our children than generations had of their entire family. We follow our babies around like paparazzi being sure to capture every smile, activity, laugh, and silly thing they do. Some of these images are lucky enough to make it off of our phones and into an album. We take our children to professional photographers to create beautiful and artistic portraits of who they are at any given age. Those images are displayed proudly on our walls, are put in albums and given as gifts.

Yet, with all of this technology in the palm of our hands and thousands of images floating around, something is missing from many homes. We all have that longing that brings us back to a simpler time when family was everything and technology was a distant thought. Where everyone sat around the dinner table in the evening to eat, laugh and talk about their days. Where your home was the center of your world and showcased those most important to you.

We want to bring this feeling back to the families we photograph and to do this I am excited to introduce the launch of our new portrait line – The Childhood Masterpiece Collection

The Mixed Media Painted Portrait

The Childhood Masterpiece Collection features your child photographed in an old-world setting to give the finished portrait a timeless, classic look. Our incredibly talented artists then hand paint the image adding that extra dimension not experienced with a standard portrait. The finished piece is beautifully produced on canvas and framed ready to hang in a prominent location in your home.

If you can’t wait to own one of these pieces featuring your child, call the studio and ask to talk with Jeanine today! – 813-994-4552.


Mixed Media Child Painted Portrait

Mixed Media Child Painted Portrait