Christmas Meltdown Portraits

Ahh the sounds of Christmas … “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” playing on the radio, Jingle Bells ringing in the air, families gathered around the table eating and sharing stories, wrapping paper being torn open, laughter, and Ho Ho Ho … yes these are the sounds we all have grown to love about Christmas.

But oh the crying.

Who can forget the crying?

Now that Christmas is over, it is time to have a little laugh at how Christmas photographs don’t always go quite according to plan. When we try to get a 2 year old to sit on the lap of a scary man in a red suit or a baby to sit in a box with their brother, the results aren’t always a smile. We typically share the perfect ending portrait, but sometimes the meltdowns are just as memorable, and when you think about it … at certain ages, are more true to life than the perfect smiling at the camera photograph!

For me, portrait photography is about telling stories. Well I can promise you that each of these families will have hilarious stories to share for years to come!

As we close out the 2017 Holiday Season … I hope you share a smile with me while looking at some of these adorable little meltdowns.

Christmas Meltdown Photo

Christmas Meltdown Photo

Christmas Meltdown Photo

Christmas Story Photo

Santa can bring out the joy in kids … but also the terrified tears! Either way, the photos are priceless!!

Christmas Meltdown Photo

Christmas Meltdown PhotoSanta Meltdown Photo

I hope you enjoyed our look at some of the “outtakes” from Christmas this year … 

In case you missed our Christmas Video … take a peek below!


Happy New Year!


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