Cloud 9 at the Movies

“Laughter is timeless, Imagination as no age and Dreams are forever.” ~ Walt Disney

Last year when we created our Wizarding School Portraits and the parents showed up just as excited as their kids for the session full of magic and potions, I knew right then we were on to something. As parents we long to share experiences with our kids that remind us of our childhood; after all, adults are just grown up kids! 

We have designed our entire year at the studio around ways parents and kids can come together at the studio for magical experiences. Whether it is your children playing with the baby ducks, discovering the Luck of the Irish on St. Patty’s Day, dressing up as a Jedi knight or many other of the interactive themes we have planned, you are sure to have an experience like none other. The memories you create at the studio this year with your children will be memories that nobody ever forgets! 

Now Booking Superhero September Sessions

Session Details:
– Any Weekday in September
– 30 minute sessions are $45
– Portrait packages available to purchase starting at $150
and framed art starts at $400
– Call the studio at 813-994-4552 to reserve your session

Check out our calendar below for the current listing of 2018 Movie Theme Dates. 


Movie Session Details:

  • 30 minute studio sessions (session fees vary depending on theme)
  • Costumes may be available for specific themes (please inquire for sizes and qty)
  • Custom artwork will be available from each theme (movie posters, albums, prints, and digital media)
  • Minimum packages begin at either $150 or $400 depending on the theme
  • All sessions come with a custom view and order appointment the week following your session

Do you have a movie theme in mind for your family that is not listed above? 
That is not a problem! Give us a call at the studio and we would LOVE to chat with you about custom designing a movie theme for your family. Session fees for custom designs will begin at $200 and go up depending on what props, backgrounds and costumes we need to purchase to make your dream a reality.


Please note that these themes are Inspired by our favorite movies. We are not endorsed by, promoted by or promoting any specific movie production company.