First Birthday Portraits

First Birthday Portrait Collage

Your baby is about to turn one! Are you amazed by how fast this first year of their life has flown? I still remember all the planning, the excitement and joy of my daughter’s first birthday. I remember wondering …  is she going to walk yet? Is she going to like her cake? How will she react to all the balloons and the people?

We know planning your child’s First Birthday is a lot of fun and so is planning their First Birthday Portrait. This session is so important as it will be one that hangs on your home’s walls for years to come. You will always look back at the images we create of your child and remember the details of their most important first birthday.

We offer two types of First Birthday Sessions:

1. You can choose a Regular Portrait Session. We will spend 45 min to an hour photographing your child. We can do this in the studio or outside by the lake, garden or bridge. Multiple outfit changes are welcome, although we recommend no more than 3 changes so as to not wear out the baby! Our regular session fee is $150.

2. You can choose our Funtabulous First Birthday Session. We will spend the same amount of time as above, but we will do the second half of the session with balloons and a smash cake! If you choose this session, we don’t recommend attempting any images with other family members. The balloons and cake images take quite a bit of time and we need the baby to be at their best! This session fee is also $150. Please let us know your preferred color scheme so we can purchase the proper balloons and cakes!

For either session type we will discuss with you on the phone various color options and background choices so that your session reflects your personality and style.

We have birthday portrait packages available starting at $395 from your session.

We have samples of all types of First Birthday Portraits in our Gallery below. When you are reserving your session, let us know which style you like best.



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