Fun Photo Valentine’s Day Idea!

Love is in the air and lots of red and pink and sweets in the stores. That only means one thing…it’s already Valentine’s Day season!!!


Being the photographer’s kid is both a curse and a blessing to Eryn. At times she loves being my test model and other times I get the glorious “eye roll”. However, since this craft was for her to have valentines to give away at school, she had fun and thus I wanted to share this simple, last minute, photo craft with you!

If your children are anything like mine, you find out a day or two, maybe a week before they need/want something for school. For me I found out this weekend that “guess what mom, even though we are in middle division now we can pass out valentines! I need a cool valentine can you help me?”

Sigh … how can I say no?

We didn’t have time to get to the studio, so I took her on the patio, dressed her up in a valentine shirt (thank God she still fit in one from last year) and took a few poses against a plain wall. 

We took some different poses but ultimately decided on this pose holding her arm out.

I took the image into Photoshop, added the text, turned the image to black and white (keeping the heart on her shirt in red) and ordered the prints from the drugstore at the corner. An hour later we ran over, picked them up, bought the lollipops and used a heart shaped hole punch to make a spot for the lollipop to go in.

Eryn photo valentine

Voila!!! Custom photo valentines done in a few hours!!!

Eryn photo valentine final


So, if you are looking for a fun, quick, easy Valentine idea for you to do with your kids, go ahead and try this one out!!! Even if your kids aren’t school age yet you can always do something similar for family members!  Enjoy! 



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