Getting to Know your Cloud 9 Staffers – Holiday Edition – Volume 1 – Meet Robb!

christmas lights

Cloud 9 Studios, your favorite Wesley Chapel Family Photography Studio, is like a little family…, we thought why not let you get to know our family a little better as we work hard day in and day out caring for your family’s photography needs?  You may know some of us only by name or seen us around the studio or not know of us at all yet!  Over the next few weeks we will be featuring a different member of our staff in a little holiday themed “Getting to Know You” 20 questions!


This week we are featuring Robb!  Check it out!


1) What’s your name and job title at Cloud 9?

Robb Denney:  Retoucher/Designer Extraordinaire(cough, cough)


2) How long have you worked at Cloud 9?

5 awesome years (and change.)


3) What’s your favorite part of your job?

Contributing to the smiles on our clients’ faces.  Mission accomplished!  


4) What are your hobbies?

Art, art, art, bike riding, cracking wise, and MMA(Mixed Martial Arts)


5) What’s your favorite holiday movie?

Gremlins….with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation coming in at a close 2nd. 


6) What’s your favorite holiday song?

Any of those Christmas songs that are sung by frogs.  I still can’t make it through the traditional “12 Days of Christmas” without getting bored or insane…unless it’s sung by frogs, of course.


7) What’s your favorite Christmas gift as a child?

Hmmm…I guess my favorite Christmas gift wasn’t exactly one that was intended for me.  I ended up commandeering the NES that my Mom had given my Dad for Christmas in ’87(or ’88.)  I made it my own.


8) Favorite holiday tradition?

The most memorable Holiday tradition from my youth was at my Grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve.  We would take part in an old Polish Tradition where we’d break a part off of a wafer, called “oplatek”, and we’d share the pieces of wafer with each other and wish each other a Merry Christmas, etc.  I’d often refer to the oplatek as “styrofoam”…and run around asking a hundred times, at the top of my lungs, “Who didn’t I do it to?!”….until I eventually got around to everybody in the house. 


9) Wrapping paper or gift bags?

Wrapping paper.  Fun Fact:  I sometimes take leftover Birthday wrapping paper and use the opposite side to wrap gifts with.  So if you ever get a gift from me wrapped in solid white gift-wrap…then you’ll know the other side of that paper will be wishing you a Happy Birthday when you tear it off.


10) Real or Fake tree?

I’m torn between the two(no pun intended from the previous question.)  I guess it depends if I have carpet.  I prefer the smell of a real tree, but when it comes to picking out pine needles from the carpet during the following months(or out of the bottoms of my feet), it can be an unsavory gift that keeps giving.


11) Clear lights or colored?

Colored…but not the assorted-kind.  A nice, controlled color scheme is where it’s at.


12) Star or Angel tree topper?

Stars are great, but I see stars in the sky all year.  So why not mix it up with an angel?


13) Gingerbread or sugar cookies?

Aren’t gingerbread cookies technically sugar cookies?  But I LOVE ginger…so yeah, Gingerbread cookies ALL DAY.


14) Hot Cocoa, Egg Nog, or Apple Cider?

I already eat an apple every day…not much of a fan of chocolate…so Egg Nog wins by default.


15) What are your favorite holiday foods?

Thanksgiving:  Turkey.  Christmas:  Turkey.  St. Patricks Day:  Turkey.  National Ham Day:  Turkey.


16) Peppermint Lover or Hater?

Love it. It’s somewhere in my arsenal of tea throughout the day.


17) Open presents Christmas Eve or morning?

Morning…when I was young.  But now that I’m older, I’m not as much of a morning person.


18) What is your favorite activity of Peppermint the Elf?

Am I the only one who thinks he’s a little creepy?  


19) What is your favorite part of the holidays at the studio?

Well, when it’s the holiday season at the studio, I’m glued to my workstation with a stack of orders taller than a Christmas tree….while Peppermint the Elf stares at me from a dark, dark corner of the room.


20) Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer (without looking it up?)

I thought I could, until I heard there’s a 10th one named “Olive”…which is kind of an odd name for a reindeer, but I don’t make the rules.  


QUESTION #21:  What do olives have to do with reindeer anyway?  


Stay tuned for next week where we are featuring the one & only HANNAH!!!


christmas lights

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