Let’s Go To The Movies – Hannah Edition

Hey everyone! Since we are having soooo much fun with our year of movie themed shoots we thought we would continue that fun throughout the year with some movie related blogs!! Since Jeanine already shared her top 10 movies, we thought that we would ask the rest of the staff what their top 10 movies of all time are!!! It’s truly harder than you think it would be!!!!


This week we are featuring the top 10 from Hannah!!!


Hannah’s Top 10 Favorite Movies!!!

10. Misery

9. Cheaper by the Dozen

8. The Notebook

7. The Fugitive

6. Aquamarine

5. Dirty Dancing

4. Fantastic Mr. Fox

3. Goonies

2. Elf



And the number one movie is……………




1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!!!!


Hannah - Ferris Bueller


Stay tuned for next time when we will share Carly’s Top 10!!!!

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