Let’s Go To The Movies – Robb Edition!!!

If you were following our blog when Robb filled out his Christmas list I know you have been waiting to find out what his favorite movies are and to see his photo creation … 

Well now you don’t have to wait any longer! This week we are featuring the top 10 from Robb!!!

Robb’s Top 10 Favorite Movies!!!

…..in no specific order….

–  The Karate Kid (the original one)

–  Raising Arizona

–  Being John Malkovich

–  Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

–  Revenge of the Nerds II:  Nerds In Paradise

–  Valley Girl

–  Breakin’ 2:  Electric Boogaloo

–  Return of the Living Dead

–  Beetlejuice

–  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off





Stay tuned for next time when we feature Carla!!!

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