Packing for a Trip to the Studio – Session with Baby

Are you getting excited about your upcoming baby portrait session at the studio and wondering exactly what you need to bring? Well if you are coming with a baby, this is the blog post for you.

You can google “baby packing lists” for all sorts of things; what to pack in your hospital bag, going on a road trip, flying in an airplane … now you can add this list “packing for my portrait session”!

As with any time you leave the house with your baby, in the back of your mind you have to think about “worst case scenarios”. What if my baby spits up, what if she is hungry, what if she blows out her diaper, what if she gets cold, what if, what if, what if.

Listen, I know you are a sleep deprived, multi-tasking, super mom … and the thought of forgetting that one essential item that will make or break your baby’s portrait session may be stressing you out. Fear not!!! We are going to make sure that you won’t forget anything!

Here is our Check List

  • What Will They Wear
  • When beginning your check list you need to start with what your baby will wear for their session. Depending on your baby’s age we will go over with you on the phone exactly how many outfits and what sort of outfits to plan on for the session, but typically 3 outfits is a good start. When packing your bag be sure to get all aspects of the outfit; tops, bottoms, head/hair accessories, shoes, socks/tights, bloomers, etc.

  • Pack a spare outfit.
  • Because you know if you don’t, right in the middle of the session BOOM – projectile spit up will happen and you will wish you had!

  • Stock the Diaper Bag
  • If you have a baby, then you are already traveling around with a diaper bag. Be sure you check your supplies before heading to the studio. Diapers, wipes, breastmilk/formula, snacks, etc. If your baby is teething perhaps bring some teething medicine and soothers for their little gums. If they are in pain it may be hard to elicit a smile.

  • Favorite Toys
  • Sometimes even the happiest of babies need something to make them smile. Be sure to pack up baby’s favorite lovey, toy, blanket or book. If the toy/animal is “photo worthy” than we can also plan on including this in their session!

  • Special Props
  • Are you wanting to incorporate something special for this session? Perhaps an item to match the theme of baby’s nursery? If you have any prop, sentimental piece of jewelry, or items you want to use in styling your baby’s portrait, be sure to pack them up! I LOVE when parents become my partner in design. Between what you bring and what I have in my prop room we will certainly come up with a portrait that is uniquely you!

    We Got You Covered

    Just in case … know that we have a lot of items on hand at the studio in case there are emergency wardrobe malfunctions We have a fully stocked baby changing station (diapers, wipes, etc.). We have extra simple outfits (onsies, tutus for girls, overalls for boys, etc). We even have a baby snack bar with puffs and yummies perfect for your little one.
    For those of you who like to print things out and check items off … here you go!

    Baby Packing List

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