Reagan | Baby Girl One Year Album

“I believe in love at first sight because, I’ve been loving my mom since I opened my eyes”

This quote as always been one of my favorites, although I believe it is also true in reverse. A mother’s love for her child is instantaneous and the obsession grows daily from the first chance we see our baby.

When Melissa first came to my studio almost 6 years ago it was with her first child, Ethan. He was her son and she was in love. Despite our football differences, we won’t mention what school she roots for, we instantly hit it off over our love for our children and photography. Melissa was obsessed with Ethan and our sessions were always over the top and outrageously fun.  However, I would occasionally see her look longingly at my tutu wall and the rows of bows and girly things in the studio. I knew deep down she wanted a baby girl as her next love. A few years passed and Melissa faithfully came to the studio every year for her baby duck and Christmas portraits (sometimes even early! hahaha). At every session we would dote over how adorable Ethan was in his little man outfits and how cute his rock star smile was. I loved photographing baby E! Melissa of course would joke about how the sessions could be even cuter if there was also “girl outfits” to be picked out. 

Then it happened. One day Melissa sent me a message on Facebook. “I must tell you something that nobody knows! I can’t take the secret anymore! I am pregnant!”

I read her message, screamed out loud from the couch and instantly typed back “OH MY GOD IT BETTER BE A GIRL!” 

I said a few prayers to the big man upstairs that night for all things pink and girly. 

6 months later those prayers paid off because Reagan came in to this world and not only did her mother and father fall instantly in love with her, so did her big brother Ethan. Never in my 10 years of photographing babies have I seen a toddler boy love on a baby as much as Ethan loved on Reagan. He wanted to hold her, kiss her, rub her head and never wanted to leave her side. Love at first sight.

This week we finished Reagan’s Baby’s First Year Album design and it is absolutely perfect. It is girly, it is full of adorable clothes and above all it is full of love. 

Here is baby Reagan’s album design below … 


Thank you Melissa for always trusting me to photograph your babies and family. 



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