Wizarding School Portrait Sessions Wrap Up

Wingardium Leviosa!

And with that quick little spell there were books and feather quills floating in mid air at Cloud 9 Studios!

Our Wizarding School Portrait Sessions kicked off a few weekends ago and were a roaring success with the kids and parents. Between choosing their wands, drinking butter beer, mixing potions, experimenting with dry ice and making books float, I am not sure the kids could choose their favorite part!

Come take a peek at the fun we had with this behind the scenes video below!

In the studio the children had a blast, then during post-production my team went in to hyper drive. You all know I have the best team on the planet and Robb really outdid himself with his “magical” additions to the finished images. Check out some of these finished pieces!

Wizarding Portrait

Wizarding Portrait

Wizarding Portrait

Wizarding Portrait

Wizarding Portrait


If your children love everything to do with Harry Potter, they don’t need to wait until their 11th birthday to attend Hogwarts …  

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p.s. I forgot to tell you that all of the parents got involved with the theme of the day as well! Check this dad out … LOVE his shirt.

Butter Beer

That’s all for now … I can’t wait to see you guys at our next Wizarding School Weekend!


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