Wizarding School Portraits

Does your child secretly believe they will receive a letter from Hogwarts when they turn 11? Have they read every word of the Harry Potter series and seen every movie multiple times? Do they beg you to fight the crowds at Universal Studios so they can pretend to be in Harry Potter’s World?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then earn your Parent of the Year status by signing them up for our Wizarding School Session at the studio on July 28th, 2018. We won’t be simply taking photos at this session, we will be treating your child to a truly magical portrait experience.

The experience will start with your confirmation packet that we will mail home to your child. It will include many items such as a letter of acceptance to our wizarding school, a luggage tag for their journey and a few other magical surprises.

When they arrive at the studio they will be greeted by a team of wizards ready to make the next hour of their life one to remember for a lifetime. From the moment they slip on their magical robes and choose their wands (or will the wand choose them?) to playing with the potions in our on set potions lab, your little wizard will role play what they have dreamed about while reading books and watching movies.

Wizarding Portrait

The dates have just been released on our calendar and I know these sessions will completely book out. We are currently only accepting 10 young wizards to our school this summer.

Wizarding Portrait

To RESERVE your Wizarding School portrait experience at the studio please call 813-994-4552 and talk with our Headmaster, Professor Jeanine. The session fee is $75; this will include your session, wand, use of our costumes and of course the entire wizarding experience. This amount is due at the time of reserving your session.

Wizarding Portrait

Once we finish your child’s portrait experience our team of artwork wizards will edit and design for you an ordering appointment to select your favorite images for your home. We will be offering a variety of unique pieces of art for your wall as well as custom album designs to tell the complete story of attending Wizarding School. Each art piece will include the addition of our magical elements to complete the fantastical look.

Wizarding School Portrait

Fine Magical Print …
There will be glass and magical elements, such as dry ice, used in the creation of these images, therefore only well behaved wizards can attend Wizarding School. If you do not feel your child can handle the smoke and special effects, please consider reserving a different themed portrait that we have available this year.  Also note, that we can only accommodate up to 2 wizards on the set at any given time. If you have more than 2 children that you wish to have photographed, we can let them take turns acting out their magical dreams.

In case you missed this little detail … Call the studio at 813-994-4552 to get signed up for Wizarding School!

Check out this video to see what last year’s Wizarding School Sessions looked like!

What Can I Purchase from My Session?

Magical Prints will start at $75
Finished framed artwork for your home will start at $400
Storybook Albums will start at $750
Digital Collections will start at $395

Our two most popular selling items from the Wizarding Sessions are the Custom Designed StoryBook and our Framed Metal Wall Portraits.

The Framed Metal Wall portraits are incredible! The magic we add to the images for the wand and the potions come to life when printed in this special way. We have a few hanging in the studio and everyone thinks I have framed a TV screen! The metal wall portraits start at $695

The Custom Storybooks are also a client favorite because we tell your child’s wizarding story in a beautiful album that will last forever! The custom storybooks start at $995.

Check out this link on Instagram to show you a client’s storybook from last year …

Check out this link to view our complete Wizarding School Portrait Price Guide.

There are only a few sessions remaining! Call the studio at 813-994-4552 to get signed up for Wizarding School!