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My favorite phone call to receive is when one of my Cloud 9 families calls to say they are having another baby! Most clients who come through our baby’s one year plan end up feeling like family by the end of the year. After 3-4 portrait sessions, ordering appointments, and picking up portraits I think most people see me more then their pediatrician during their child’s first year!

Last month I received my favorite phone call from one of my favorite families! Their first baby session with me was in 2010 when their oldest daughter was born. Since then every 2ish years I receive that phone call … “Guess what Jeanine! We are having another baby girl.” This time the phone call was a bit different … after 3 girls they were now having a baby boy!! Having just been through the change from all things girl to all things boy myself, I probably sounded a little too excited on the phone for them. Of course I love both baby boys and girls … but I knew this would be so fun having a newborn session with 3 big sisters!!

Here they were 7 years ago … a brand new family of 3.

Newborn family portrait

Here we are 7 years and 4 babies later.

Newborn Family Portrait

If you have followed my blog or my ramblings on Facebook for any length of time you know I absolutely love what I do. I love photographing babies and children and the families that belong to them. I love becoming so close to my clients that I know when their kids are sick, where they go on vacation, what schools they are considering, and even get invited to birthday parties. I take all of this to heart knowing that the photographic memories and experiences I am creating with these families will forever be a part of their family.

Here are some more images from Benjamin’s newborn session … I can’t wait for this year to capture all of his milestones! Thank you again to this family for continuing to trust me with their family’s most precious memories.

newborn portrait

newborn portrait

newborn portrait

newborn portrait

newborn portrait


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