Planning Your Newborn Session – Dressing your Baby

I have distinct memories as a little girl of playing dress up with my dolls. They had outfits for every day and special occasion. Before American Girl Dolls hit it big on the market, my mom still found companies that had matching outfits for me and my doll! I even begged my mom for the “real life” dolls so that I could feed it and change the diaper. What the heck was I thinking??

It is no surprise that since we spent so much time dressing up our pretend baby dolls as kids that when we grew up and had babies of our own we would want to dress them up and make them look adorable! 

So lets talk about your newborn session!

If you are like me, you have been obsessing about what you want your newborn session to look like. You probably lie in bed at night on Pinterest, pinning away a ton of ideas. You may have even ordered one or two treasures off of Etsy …. or indulged in a little Amazon Prime.

We have a TON of props and accessories at the studio, did I mention I have a minor shopping and hording issue? I can accessorize most themes that you could dream up; pirates, mermaids, ocean, airplanes, travel, superheroes, sports, etc.

This is just one of the storage areas in the studio 🙂

You could show up to the studio with nothing but your baby and diaper bag and we could rock out the most amazing newborn session!

However, I know that moms can also be very particular. You may have a certain idea, style, color in mind and nothing is going to satisfy you other than what you have picked out!

How to find the clothes?

The trick with a newborn baby is finding clothes that actually fit a newborn! Anything you buy at the store is going to be bulky, big and just not flattering for a portrait. This is one reason the naked baby portraits and babies wrapped in cheese clothes became so popular. 

When I was shopping online for my son’s newborn portraits 2 years ago, I came across the most amazing company called No 2 Willow Lane. Their clothes looked so adorable and I could tell from the photographs on their website they were crafted specifically for newborn portrait sessions. 

What I specifically loved about this company was their BOY SELECTION! Lets be honest, it is pretty easy to dress up a little girl. Throw on a cute headband and a tutu and you are in newborn baby girl heaven. It is not so easy with a boy! No 2 Willow Lane has an incredible baby boy selection.

Look at my Sweet Baby James below … sigh … my little heart …

After visiting with No. 2 Willow Lane at Imaging USA this year in Nashville, we have partnered together to bring within your reach some of the cutest newborn clothes available.

It’s Easy as 1 … 2 … 3

Step 1:  Go shopping at No. 2 Willow Lane.  Use promo code “Cloud 9 Studios” and receive 10% off your purchase. (Thank you No. 2 Willow Lane for your generosity!)

Step 2:  Bring your new outfits to your session and we will create the most stunning portrait.

Step 3:  You can keep these little gems as a keepsake for you… evidence that your baby really was this little once,

OR if you like, I will buy the clothes you no longer have a use for at half of what you paid (if I don’t already own that piece in my collection).  I’ll buy up to $100 off you to lighten your load!  (Please bring your Willow Lane receipt!).  

Here are a few of their creations in use at my studio …


If you are thinking about booking your newborn session at Cloud 9 Studios and have not yet done so, what are you waiting for? Call us now at 813-994-4552 to chat with one of us about how we can make your newborn session dreams come true!


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