What’s in my Camera Bag

Today is National Camera Day!

I am always asked “Jeanine what camera do you shoot with?” To me this is a funny question, because it’s what’s inside my head that creates the image … the camera is simply the tool to bring my idea/vision to reality. But since you can’t really look inside my head … I guess asking me this question is the next best thing. lol

If you didn’t already know … I am a Nikon girl through and through (I even hum Paul Simon’s song in my head) … ever since I picked up my first 35 mm camera it was a Nikon. When I  opened my original studio in Atlanta (back in the film days) I photographed with a medium format camera and Hasselblad was my jam. I was one of the last hold outs to switch from medium format to digital for my client work. When I did … my love of my Nikon 35 mm (and the fact that I owned a ton of lenses already) made the choice for me to continue as a Nikon girl!

Today in honor of National Camera Day, I figured I would show you inside my Camera Bag. This is my wheel house … the majority of what I use on a day to day basis in the studio or take with me on location.

Camera: Nikon D4S – LOVE LOVE LOVE I can’t say enough about this incredible camera. It has saved me in many low light situations, being able to crank that sucker up to a really high ISO setting. 

Favorite Lenses: 85 mm 1.8, 50 mm 1.8, 105 mm macro 2.8 – I am a prime lens type of gal. These 3 lenses are what I use 90% of the time. When I go on location I will take my 70-200 mm 2.8 lens with me. 

Pocket Wizards: My studio lights and outdoor lights are synced to my camera with these lovely wireless creatures. So very handy!! I hate cords.

Light Meter: Yep I am old school and still use my light meter every day. It is probably the engineer in me, but I have to get my lighting exact … there is no “well this feels good”, I measure my light and KNOW it is good!

Color Passport: My Xrite color checker ensures I have perfect color with every session. 

Lipstick: Mary Kay shade Raspberry … Thanks to my girl Melissa Olsheski, I always have my favorite shade. I don’t wear any other makeup but a girl has got to have pink lips!

Xtra Battery: I had one session about 10 years ago where my battery died and I didn’t have a backup handy. Well you can believe that was the last time I made that mistake. Now I have one to two batteries extra ready to go at all times. You just never know what can go wrong and you gotta be prepared.

Squeaky Frog: As you can probably see Mr. Frog is rather old, but he still squeaks and the kids love him! He has saved more than one session from ending up in tears.

Magic Wand: No this isn’t for me, I carry a wand because every little girl loves to spread magic!

Little Pink Heart: Sometimes little hands just need something to hold.

Clothespins: Ummm yeah … so have you ever not tried on an outfit until the day you were going to wear it and realized it was too big? So have some of my clients! I carry these babies with me to make clothes look like they actually fit!

Lens Cloth: I am obsessive about keeping my lens clean. 

Business Cards: Never leave home without them! A girl’s always gotta hustle. You never know who may ask “hey you got a card?”

Well there you have it! Everything you need to know about “What’s in my Camera Bag!”


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Jeanine McLeod Professional PortraitJeanine McLeod is the owner of Cloud 9 Studios, a Florida based photography studio located just north of Tampa in Wesley Chapel. They specialize in family, children and baby photography and love helping families celebrate their love of family with fun, fresh and beautiful portraits.